Importing records from CSV file

Check out the video tutorial below.

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Let's assume we have a list of recepients in a CSV (Comma separated value) format. We want to import it into a new group that we create. Let's first create a group: In recepient groups, click on add link or press "Insert" button on the keyboard, then fill the necessary details. Now, we are ready to import. Click on the import button. Select your type of import. In this case, we will import a fully formatted CSV file, so we will choose the second option and click next. We have one file, so I will leave the "Single file" option selected and choose "Browse" button, to select the file. Click "Next" and then adjust any settings if you need on the screens ahead. I don't need to change anything, so I will leave it as it is. Now we have to "format" our file. Since it's a CSV file, I will choose a comma separator. My emails MUST be the first column. Please make sure, otherwise it will not work. Everything is in order and we click finish.