Using our E-Mail Server with a hardware device

Very often people need to connect one of their smart devices like smart copy machine, smart fax or smart router to the network. These devices often have the ability to send alerts over the network using SMTP. However often, it is not possible to use the regular email server. Either because it requires authentication, which the hardware device cannot provide, or requires use of encrypted connection through TLS.
In this case, our E-Mail Server comes in very handy. You can configure it to accept emails from your hardware device without TLS and authentication. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Switch off authentication for all known IP addresses as shown in the picture below
    Change authentication algorithm
  2. Now we can add IP address of your hardware device (smart copier or smart fax machine) to the list of allowed IP addresses, so that our server will pass them without authentication. Check the picture below for reference
    Add your IP address to the list of allowed IP's
  3. (Optional) Now, if you want, you can add your own SMTP server as a gateway, if you are able to deliver messages directly, or your alarms will only be delivered to your corporate email, you can choose to skip this step. Check the following image.
    Add your own gateway
  4. (Optional) You can disable direct sending, if you added your own SMTP server as a gateway in the previous step. This way, all messages will be delivered only through your gateway and not directly.
    Switch off direct delivery