Parameters required for E-Mail clients

In order for you to use any SMTP server, you must know a few key parameters, such as:
  1. Host name: Name of the Internet host, where you SMTP server is located. If you are using our E-Mail Server, this parameter is usually points to the same computer, where you have installed your E-Mail Server. If it is located on the same computer, then your host name will simply be localhost (or They are identical, it is a matter of personal preference).
  2. Port: This is an IP port that you will be using for connecting to your SMTP server. The default specified by the standards guiding the industry is port 25, but your corporation or your ISP will usually make some additional non standard ports available for you to use. Some nonstandard ports may include 26, 2525, 465 (for SSL encrypted connections). Our E-Mail Server uses ports 25 and 2525.
  3. Username and Password: These parameters are optional and are not always required. If your account must be authenticated before you are allowed to send any email, you must type those in your mail client.
All modern mail clients allow you to very easily set those parameters for your account. Settings are grouped and located in conspicuous places and the client cannot start working without the required parameters. Here is how our settings look like in our mail client of choice The Bat!: