Downloads for Public Kiosk Software

Please feel free to download and install any version of our product. We try to release minor updates every few month and major upgrades every 6 month to a year. If you do not have any specific reason, it makes sense to always download and install the latest version of our product.
All of our versions automatically work in a trial mode for 30 days. This mode allows you to fully test our software. Our program will stop working after 30 days since you first installed it unless you have purchased and entered a license key. Then it becomes a fully registered version and will never expire.
VersionRelease dateDownload
7.7Jun 15, 2012Download latest version
7.6Nov 30, 2011Download
7.4Jun 10, 2010Download
7.3Jun 10, 2010Download
7.2Apr 15, 2010Download
7.1Apr 08, 2010Download
7.0Mar 24, 2010Download
6.1Jun 07, 2008Download
6.0Jun 07, 2008Download
3.3Mar 03, 2008Download